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Real Asset Series4000 Fixed Asset Management implemented by Sharp Software

Asset Management

Real Asset Series4000

Real Asset Management's
growth over the last 20 years has been achieved by meeting individual customer needs with quality products and support. This approach has enabled Real to build fixed asset management software products that can be adapted to solve business problems instead of creating new ones.

Real's products, which have been implemented by 3,000 organisations in over 60 countries, are used across all industry and government sectors and have been developed to compliment all IT strategies. Real's customers are mainly medium and large corporates worldwide, including many of the FTSE 100.

The management of fixed assets from 'cradle to grave' is central to
Real's Series4000 product range and follows the concept of the asset life-cycle. Real's strength is its ability to provide customers with scalable solutions that can be used throughout the organisation by accountants and their colleagues to manage assets.

This comprehensive, easy-to-use fixed asset accounting module provides a structured yet flexible facilitythat applies the principles of historic and current cost accounting. Any number of books can be set up to allow for different values, currencies and accounting rules.

A true web-enabled solution for managing fixed assets, this module is ideal for any company that requires remote access to its asset register. This module enables both asset and inventory information to be added, edited or reviewed from any Internet or Intranet terminal.

Providing the facility to store detailed information against inventory and stock items, this module stores both analysis codes and descriptions against each item, as well as recording transfer and disposal events, technical inspections and maintenance plans.

This powerful lease management tool provides complete control over both finance and operating leases against assets and inventory items.

This tool uses existing asset information and runs "what-if" scenarios for future capital expenditure and asset disposals. Accountants can build any number of different strategic models and present the most cost-effective and tax-efficient capital budgets.

This stand-alone module provides comprehensive office document management. Documents (e.g. supplier invoices, letters, drawings, photographs) can be scanned in and, together with other files (e.g. word processed documents, spreadsheets), optionally associated with fixed assets, leases and capital projects.

This is a cost effective solution for carrying out physical audits using bar-codes and the leading technology in portable scanners. These range from integrated scanners, suitable for more demanding industrial environments, to scanner attachments for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

This centralised helpdesk system records reports of problems with assets, inventory items and software products. A knowledge base assists with finding a solution and automatically generates actions to be taken. Cases can be escalated to other departments and tracked through to completion.

This module provides total management of cash flows, budgets and projects from start to finish. It captures all aspects of expenditure relating to all stages of a project.

This module provides detailled computation of all aspects of Capital Allowance calculation including individual and pooled costs using the Asset Register. Calculation of Industrial Buildings, Plant and Equipment and Fixtures and Fittings allowances can be performed.

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