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Core Module

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Exchequer Core Module

The Core module incorporates General Ledger, Sales and Purchase Ledgers including Invoicing, Cashbooks, Standard Reports and OLE linking.

General Ledger

  • On-Screen balances with Drill down to each transaction line within all documents.
  • View balances for any prior period or year.
  • View balances for each currency in use with the ability to express one currency in any other available currency.
  • No month or year end procedures with the ability to move backwards and forwards in time.
  • Cost Centre and Department analysis.
  • Budgeting and Profiling.
  • Reversing and skeleton journals.
  • Cashbook reconciliation in the currency of the account.

Sales & Purchase Ledgers

  • Simple daybook entry allows view/amendment of days work prior to posting.
  • Customer/Supplier Ledger cards allow full Drill down to original transaction and the content of that transaction.
  • View profit margins by Customer, by invoice and transaction line.
  • Matching facility links invoices with their settlement transactions.
  • Debt letters, statements and remittance advices.
  • Notepad with diary alarm for credit control and payment.
  • Ability to un-allocate and re-allocate transactions.
  • Direct Debit facility for receipts and BACS for payments.
  • Batch Payments for quick and easy payment of suppliers.
  • Purchase payment authorisation system.
  • Discount checking and reporting.
  • Batch entry mode available for high volume data.

Sales Invoicing

  • Free Format invoices or linked to stock control and order processing modules.
  • Automatic (recurring) invoices for contract and recurring charges.
  • Multiple form sets allow for special formats for groups of customer types.
  • Conversion of quotes and pro-forma invoices to invoices.
  • Print preview of documents.
  • Correction of mistakes prior to posting to general ledger.


  • No limit to number of bank and cash accounts.
  • On screen reconciliation with search and filter facilities.
  • Ability to group receipts and BACS payment to display in accordance with bank statements.
  • Optional import of bank statement data from banks for automatic reconciliation.
  • Automation of Direct Debits and Standing orders via Sales Purchase and General daybooks.


Each module has its own standard reports with the individual reports each being driven by parameters that control their content. The Core module includes:

  • Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, History and by Cost Centre and Department.
  • Credit Control, Payment and Receipts due, Statements and Chase letters.
  • Customer/Supplier, Document Analysis, VAT and Intrastat, Audit and Reconciliation.
  • Daybooks and General Ledger and Document based posting.

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