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Real Document4000

provides an inexpensive solution for managing all documents that are associated with assets, inventory items, leases and capital projects. It is designed to quickly build an accurate, centralised database of records that are 'filed' in electronic directories to mirror any paper based filing system.

Features Include:

  • All types of electronically stored files, such as word processed documents, spreadsheets, drawings, and photographs, can be associated with individual records held within the Real database.
  • User-defined analysis codes and description lines are used to store additional information against each linked record to ease retrieval.
  • A list of documents that have been linked to an item can be viewed at any time when that item is on screen. Documents can be opened directly or further information can be viewed, such as the date it was attached, the document type or author.
  • Documents can be accessed by multiple users at the same time, removing the need for many paper copies.
  • Additions of new documents and changes to existing ones (e.g. updating a quote) occur in real time, ensuring that the most up-to-date information is instantly available.
  • Extensive historical information can be stored, enabling the archiving of paper records and significant space saving.
  • Auditors can quickly locate all records associated with any item directly from a PC, significantly reducing audit costs.

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