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Earnie Executive

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Earnie Executive

Flexible, easy-to-use payroll software that meets a wide variety of payroll needs.
EARNIE Executive is HMRC accredited and can be used to pay up to 1,000 employees in a range of different sectors.


  • Single or multi-user
  • 50 companies as standard
  • Net-to-Gross facility
  • Backup and restore utilities
  • On-line help
  • Full security down to field level
  • Audit trail


  • Up to 500 employees (option for 1,000)
  • Employee templates
  • Calculation checkers for Tax, NI, SSP, SMP
  • Weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly, monthly and quarterly paid
  • Up to 25 User definable fields – notepads, pictures, dates, etc.
  • Holiday pay facility
  • Calculation checkers for Tax, NI, SSP, SMP
  • Overrule calculated figures
  • Part payment for starters and leavers
  • Multiple bank accounts


  • Unlimited companies available
  • Budget Amendments for multiple companies (optional module)
  • Bulk tax code changes
  • Copy Company
  • Multiple bank accounts

Internet Services

  • Send P14 and P35 Year-end submissions
  • Send P45s (parts 1 & 3), P46s and Works Number Updates directly to HMRC


  • Unlimited rates of pay
  • 999 Payment / Deductions (not including tax, NI, SSP, SMP etc)
  • Full SSP, SMP, SAP and SPP calculation
  • Multiple AEOs including Priority Orders
  • Council Tax AEOs
  • Director's NI
  • Back-dated NI calculations
  • Pension calculations including Stakeholder Pensions
  • Student Loans
  • Comprehensive Payment / Deduction formulas


  • Batch printing of payslips, summaries etc. (optional module)
  • Reprint payslips and summaries for the current tax year
  • Print current year P11 and other multi-period reports
  • Departmental and cost centre reporting
  • Easy to use Quick Report Writer
  • P30, P45, P35(cs), P14, P60 reports
  • Library of pre-designed reports
  • Print P45s in batch


  • 'Drill-down' on many items to see how they are made up e.g. gross-to-date, tax code etc.
  • Up to 9 years history can be held
  • Reprint payslips and summaries from past years

Diary Facility

  • Hold information on user-definable events e.g. training days or jury service
  • Set 'Reminders' e.g. to pay a Christmas bonus or print a pension report
  • Set 'Actions' to happen at a future date e.g. to increase someone’s salary or change their tax code.


  • Data import routines
  • Data export facility
  • Easy Links to Accounts, BACS, Time & Attendance and Personnel Systems

Costing Facility (Optional Module)

  • Split the cost of an employee over more than one cost centre
  • Reproduce costing information for any period
  • Detailed posting to accounts, down to employee level if required

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