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Earnie Intro

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Earnie Intro

Flexible, easy-to-use payroll software for companies with less than 30 employees.
EARNIE Intro is fully HMRC accredited so you can be confident about complying with the latest legislation and has lots of useful features to make your life easier.


  • Single user only
  • 1 company as standard
  • Net-to-Gross facility
  • Backup and restore utilities
  • On-line help


  • Unlimited companies available
  • Budget Amendments for multiple companies (only with unlimited companies)
  • Bulk tax code changes
  • Copy Company

Internet Services

  • Send P14 and P35 Year-end submissions
  • Send P45s (parts 1 & 3), P46s and Works Number Updates directly to HMRC


  • 30 current employees per company
  • Calculation checkers for Tax, NI, SSP, SMP
  • Weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly, monthly and quarterly paid
  • Up to 25 User definable fields – notepads, pictures, dates, etc.
  • Holiday pay facility
  • Calculation checkers for Tax, NI, SSP, SMP
  • Overrule calculated figures


  • Unlimited rates of pay
  • 40 Payment / Deductions (not including tax, NI, SSP, SMP etc)
  • Full SSP, SMP, SAP and SPP calculation
  • Multiple AEOs including Priority Orders
  • Council Tax AEOs
  • Director's NI
  • Back-dated NI calculations
  • Pension calculations including Stakeholder Pensions
  • Student Loans


  • P30, P45, P35(cs), P14, P60 reports
  • Batch printing of payslips, summaries etc. (only with unlimited companies)
  • Reprint payslips and summaries for the current tax year
  • Print current year P11 and other multi-period reports
  • Departmental and cost centre reporting
  • Easy to use Quick Report Writer
  • Library of pre-designed reports


  • Current tax year history on-line with ‘drill down’ on many items


  • Data import routines
  • Data export facility
  • Easy Links to Accounts, BACS, Time & Attendance and Personnel Systems

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