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Drill down
The ability to move down through data summaries to the transactions that create those summaries. The feature that was pioneered in PC based systems by Iris Exchequer Software and which other developers have sought to emulate ever since. The Iris Exchequer system has driven this concept even further in its use of Object Drill

Drill down

Object Drill
Whilst using Drill-down one can move vertically within a system Object Drill
allows the user to review the impact of a transaction line on all those parts of the system on which that transaction has an impact.

Object Drill

ObjectStock Enquiry
This gives an instant stock check on the last stock record accessed by
Iris Exchequer.

ObjectCredit Controller
This gives an instant credit check on the last account accessed by
Iris Exchequer. It is also possible to manually type in the code of an account required to be checked, or as any daybook is scanned the display is automatically updated to reflect the account currently being scanned.

This utility enables you to find any record stored within the
Iris Exchequer accounting system; the records you can search for are Customers, Suppliers, Transactions (Document), Stock and Serial/Batch numbers and Jobs.

This facility is an advanced management tool which takes full advantage of
Iris Exchequer's object-oriented design. Selecting the ObjectClone option causes a ''clone'' (a second copy) General Ledger Tree to be displayed on the screen at the same time. You can then change the period, year or currency of the ''clone'' general ledger and compare the figures to the first general ledger tree.

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