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Real Help4000

Organisations that have recorded and are managing their fixed assets understand the need to extend this management to other items of value - inventory and software.
Help4000 enables active support to be offered to users of these business facilities by providing centralised services for handling any problems that may arise.

Features Include:

  • It integrates with Real's asset register which maintains a database of fixed assets, inventory items, software licences and the user associated with each 'Item'.
  • Manages Service Level Agreements with suppliers and independent service providers.
  • Provides a facility for recording 'Cases' - notification by users of problems they are having with Items.
  • Cases may be solved and closed immediately where only advice is being sought (e.g. "How do I "), by using helpdesk experience, historic user problems, a history of problems with similar Items, and a built-in Knowledge Base.
  • When a Case cannot be solved at once, an Action Plan is generated to ensure that regular progress statements are sent (telephone, email) to the user; an Escalation Plan may also be generated if the problem needs to be referred elsewhere, such as the Facilities Management Department or a Software supplier.
  • Emails, e-faxes and work orders (to service suppliers) can be sent automatically; Help4000 users are notified of all overdue actions and levels of management can be similarly advised on an agreed time sequence (eg. after 4 hours, after 1 day, etc).

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