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Iris Earnie Payroll for 10-10,000 employees implemented by Sharp Software



Earnie Payroll from Iris Software

Earnie Intro, Business and Executive, for businesses from 10 up to 1,000 employees providing history, costing analysis with up to 100 payment and deduction codes and full electronic submission and communication with HMRC.
Earnie IQ for business having from 100 employees and the requirement for an SQL database application.

Earnie Software has concentrated solely on writing and supporting payroll and SSP software since the 1970's. There has been a constant process of development and refinement to the software in response to the changing needs of the end users.

As a result, Earnie has an unrivalled depth of knowledge of the intricacies involved. Earnie have become the payroll specialists. Indeed there are now well over 8000 users and Intex programmes are used to calculate over three million wages each month.

Designed and written by payroll experts, the systems are sophisticated yet simple to use, fast, flexible and easy to update with the constant changes in payroll legislation.

Earnie software has been checked and meets the requirements of the published Inland Revenue Payroll Standard, version number 5.1 and the relevant sections of the Inland Revenue Quality Standard version no 2.0. It incorporates online filing capability by Internet.

Earnie won the Gee Payroll Award for Payroll Supplier and Service Provider of the Year and the Pay Magazine Payroll Software Provider of the Year.

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