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Real Inventory4000

Inventory4000 module provides the facility to store detailed information about stock and inventory items, not only storing analysis codes and descriptions but also recording transfer and disposal events, condition reports and maintenance plans.

Fully integrated with
Real's Asset4000 module to satisfy both IT and financial requirements, inventory items can be associated with fixed assets so that events such as transfers can be optionally generated consequentially.

Features Include:

  • Stock items, such as software licences, consumables and minor equipment, can be associated with inventory records, such as a PC.
  • User-defined analysis codes and multiple description lines enable extensive, detailed information to be saved against each inventory and stock record
  • Configurable date fields and monetary values allow extra information to be recorded against both inventory and stock, such as the purchase date, warranty expiry date, purchase cost and insurance value.
  • Condition reports can be stored against each inventory item, stating a condition code, the date and any notes for future reference and analysis.
  • Uniquely referenced documents, such as letters, emails, purchase orders, invoices, certificates and contracts can be linked to records through Real's Document4000 module.
  • A full history and future plan of maintenance can be recorded.

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