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Job Costing

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Exchequer Job Costing

  • Integrated with all other Iris Exchequer modules.
  • User definable hierarchical structure for Contracts, Jobs and Phases with sub-totalling through that structure.
  • Cross analysis by type of contract or service.
  • Unlimited Job analysis codes.
  • Diary of Purchase and Sales Retention invoices due.
  • Employee and Time sheet ledgers.
  • Employees can have unlimited time cost and charge rates which can override the global time cost and charge rates.
  • Drill-Down through all jobs to the underlying transactions and from the Object Drill control.
  • Budgeting by Job, Analysis code and period.
  • History and graphing at all levels.
  • Powerful standard reports for analysis, history, billing, client exposure and work-in-progress.
  • Copy existing Job structure and budgets for new jobs.
  • Export of timesheet data to Payroll packages.
  • Committed expenditure updated where purchase order processing available.

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