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Real Project4000

Vital in the management of project cost monitoring, this module captures all aspects of commitment and expenditure related to the various stages of a project.
Project4000 maps costs and allocations about work in progress prior to optionally creating a capitalised fixed asset record.

Features Include:

  • Prepared budgets can be split across multiple projects and calculated automatically.
  • Budget amounts can be further divided as appropriate into categories and sub-categories.
  • Projects are entered as sanctioned amounts against budgets and may be further detailed at category and sub-category level.
  • Order items (commitments) and invoice items (spend) are input directly or received electronically as transactions from other systems, such as purchase order and accounts payable systems.
  • Assets under construction may be valued at the level of expenditure incurred and then indexed. Interest may then be added to the indexed value to give a total closing value. This can then be optionally transferred to the asset register.
  • Other features include budget and project revisions and forecasts.
  • Extensive reporting options are provided which show commitment and spend progress at multiple analysis levels. Reports may be additionally generated for the analysis of orders and invoices.
  • This can be an important addition to the Asset4000 module, providing complete control of cash-flows, budgets and projects from start to finish. To capitalise, Project4000 simply issues updates to Asset4000 when an appropriate portion of a project is complete.

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